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About schools500reformation

  • schools500reformation is the heading of an international project for networking Protestant schools worldwide. Each Protestant school can join and register. Academic institutions and school supporting organisations can also join and become supporting institutions (eg teacher training institutes, association of schools and foundations).
  • The general aim of the project is to establish a network of Protestant schools worldwide. This is based on the 500th anniversary of Reformation in the year 2017. It was on 31st of October 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis against the abuse of selling indulgences to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This event has become not only a decisive date for Protestants of all denominations, but as well for the history of culture from a secular perspective as an important landmark for faith, education and ideas. 
  • The project provides opportunities for schools to prepare together this jubilee, to celebrate, to reflect about one’s own faith, to share it, to find partner schools and to show global solidarity. 
  • Each year around the 31 of October activities will happen in all participating schools as a link between them. Furthermore special events are planned such as national, regional and international meetings of head teachers and a youth camp in 2017 in Wittenberg. 


What does the project offer for your school?

For school administration and staff it offers: 

  • The opportunity to find partner schools
  • Support for developing the profile of the school in a global context
  • Many proposals to explore the importance of 500 Years of Protestantism for your school
  • Exchange about the variety of Protestant school in the context of a global oikumene;
  • A chance to make your education activities visible for others.

For pupils and students it offers: 

  • Sharing daily life, faith and traditions globally;
  • Improve foreign language competence through encounter with other young people in different countries; 
  • To have fun and meet interesting people and issues.