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PSST Bafut: Vorbereitung auf das International Schools Camp

The days for the International Schools Camp in Wittenberg are drawing fast near and we look forward to students from different parts of the world to converge in their tandems.

In Cameroon, the ISTP (Pedagogic In-Service Training Programme) organized an orientation and preparatory workshop with the selection of PSST Bafut. It took place in Bamenda on May 16. During this workshop, the students and teachers presented additional thesis for the future which will be added to the compiled volume soon. For the time being, you can find the said theses for download on the right.

The participants of the workshop together with ISTP staff members

The participants during one of the team building games


The project team thanks Mr. Njobati Frederick Fondzenyuy for organizing the workshop and for sending the information and pictures.

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