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Les écoles protestantes du Madagascar se misent en réseau

Sedera FJKM High School made a project for schools500reformation. Our High School is situated in the capital city of Antananarivo and we decided to work with two other rural schools: Fidasiana FJKM Primary School, and Andaombato FJKM Secondary School. Our project is:

  • to build a community of practice for the teachers of the three schools, meaning that we want to share experiences and to learn from each other,


  • to build a community of learning for the children and the pupils. The two rural schools are located in a very remote part of the country and we believe that a network should be built between us, urban and rural to make them learn from one to the other. On the program, visits are programed. During the last Easter vacations, our children made them a visit and they learn together at Fidasiana primary School.


  • to support the other: these two rural schools are located in a very rural part of the country living in a very difficult condition, so that they do not have even tables to write on. As our government does very little to help and the local community is very poor, we decided to help them on the little things that we can do to them.


  • to plant trees together as a symbol of the schools500reformation. As our High School is located in the capital city and we do not have any place to plant trees, we decided to plan fruit trees and a reforestation in the region of Fidasiana. It is a symbol for the future, but also, to work together for a better future for the sake of the environment and for helping each other.


Here are some pictures of the last common activities of the three schools:


The project team of schools500reformation thanks Mr. Jocelin Falimanana Raharinaivo for the initiative and for sending the information and pictures.

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