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Evangelische Gesamtschule Gelsenkirchen (Protestant Comprehensive School Gelsenkirchen)

Evangelische Gesamtschule Gelsenkirchen (Protestant Comprehensive School Gelsenkirchen)

Gelsenkirchen, Germany
The Evangelische Gesamtschule Gelsenkirchen (Protestant Comprehensive School Gelsenkirchen) was founded in 1998 and is attended by 1200 students. Learning and living together at our school, these students are of different religious denomination, nationality and social heredity. As a school run by the Protestant Church of Westphalia we commit to a reformative education, abbreviated and represented by the four letters “F-E-L-S” (German for rock, cliff):
• F for familiarity – At our school it is our aim to create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, which provides a basis for the individual personalities and needs of our students.
• E for education – For us, education implies moral courage, responsibility and tolerance apart from imparting knowledge.
• L for life – To provide support for our students’ present and future life, we strive for individual improvement as well as challenging in classes of mixed abilities, so that each student can achieve a best possible degree. We structure our all-day learning in an organic rhythm. By also inviting students with special needs to learn at our school, we foster tolerance in classes full of diversity, just like in real life.
• S for Stadtteil (= city district, neighbourhood) – We are closely interconnected with different institutions in our local district. We play a role as a social and cultural centre in our neighbourhood. And we extend or network to a further range, e.g. by being a member of a circle of schools all over Germany that visit each other to observe and improve school life.

Our special architecture, which won several awards, provides the best possibilities to implement our education concept and student services.

Existing cooperations

• France: Collège Le Point du Jour (Auneuil)
• Argentina: Instituto Hindenburg (Eldorado) and Instituto Gutenberg (Mar del Plata)
• Zambia: Kafue Boys Secondary School (Kafue) and Njase Girls Secondary School (Njase)

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Used Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Age groups

  • 10-12
  • 13-16
  • 17-19


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