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Love each other – serve others in the global world today

We consider our theme of 2015 as a challenge of the global network of Protestant schools to assume responsibility for the students of the future. Nearly 500 years after the posting of Martin Luther's Theses in Wittenberg schools500reformation intends to collect contemporary versions of these Theses - from students for students of the future.


As part of this year's international conference of school headmasters schools500reformation in Wittenberg and also during the closing ceremony of the global Reformation anniversary in 2017 there, 95 of the submitted theses will be publicly presented indicating the corresponding senders.

Each submission is worthwhile. A seed money of 5 x 500 € for a trendsetting school project will be raffled among all submissions that are sent until March 31, 2016 (closing date!). – Therefore, we call upon all students: "Be with your protest initiators for good ideas for the future!"