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Reformation Day 2015

The date 31 October 2015 marks the 498th anniversary of the day on which Martin Luther published the 95 theses and turned against the sale of indulgences. Christians are accepted solely by the grace of God and do not have to excel by good performances before God. As they are accepted they can even openly engage with others and accept and recognize them. By this charity can grow and change this world!


In order to remind, in many churches the 31 October is celebrated as Reformation Day. Celebrate also with us! Celebrate a prayer in your school and remind others of this important day! Greet others and renew the commemoration of this important day!

You can find a postcard for download that you can use to greet on that day another Protestant school - a school you know or a school you do not already know. Under the rubric "Places" on our website, you find more than 550 Protestant schools that would be pleased about such greetings.

It would be wonderful if you would express in this way your global connectedness with other Protestant schools.