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Wittenberg 2017

In 2017, the world celebrates 500 years of Reformation. Therefore the project of schools500reformation is approaching one of its highlights. The center of the celebrations builds Wittenberg – the place where the Reformation movement started to spread all around the world – and that is where schools500reformation will celabrate, too.  With our various activities and events, we present the global network of schools500reformation and create a space for international and intercultural encounters.

Take a look at our information flyer or browse our online offers for 2017:

International Schools Camp Wittenberg 2017 (22/06.-27/06/2017)

Global schools500reformation Day (23/06/2017)

• Participation in the World Reformation Exhibition ‚Gates of Freedom‘ in Wittenberg (20/05/2016-10/09/2017)