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International Schools Camp Wittenberg 2017

All information about organizational matters, funding and the programme can also be found as Information Flyer in the download section of the International Schools Camp.


Be a part of something new! Whether you are going on a class trip or travelling as a school project we invite you and your international partner school to visit Wittenberg from 22 June 2017 to 27 June 2017 - with more than 300 other students from all continents. We offer a varied agenda from history to sports and group activities, and ask you to contribute to worship sessions and to our programme at the pavilion. You are at least 16 years old, speak a bit English or German and enjoy meeting new people.



Cultural activities, many workshops, regional network events, World Cafés, joint devotions, excursions and lively activities are part of the programme - allowing you to follow in the footsteps of Luther, Melanchthon and Cranach (father and son) around Wittenberg and to visit the original Reformation sites. You can also take a look at the preliminary programme in our downloads.

Participating in tandem with a partner school

The international exchange among students is a top priority at International Schools Camp. Therefore, it is intended that all groups participate in the form of so-called tandems. Each school therefore is encouraged to find a partner from another continent: for example, a German school an Asian or an African a European School.

If you already have a long-standing partnership, you are of course welcome to participate together. But it is also possible to look out on the world map of schools500reformation to find a new partner from the network for the Schools Camp. The schools500reformation project team will also support you in arranging tandems.

Why don’t you turn you visit into the start of your own student exchange programme? We would be particularly pleased if you would develop a lasting school partnership and sent time with your partner school beside the International schools Camp. A visit at the German or European partner school in combination with the International Schools Camp could be a great opportunity to initiate or enhance your partnership. The travel costs for international guests can also be supported when you combine the participation at the Schools Camp with a prolonged stay at your German or European partner school (see: Financing).


The accommodation is free of charge. The breakfast is organized for a small contribution and taken together. Also some of the activities have a meal included, but usually during the day you will have to find your own meals. The detailed programme can be found in the downloadable flyer. The sponsored international participants (see below) can be exempted from the payments.

Please note that each group has to organize and finance their travel to Wittenberg individually. If you need financial support, please indicate this when you register. However, international participants from DAC-countries (see attached list in the download area) can apply for financial support at Bread for the World if they match up with a German school. In this case, the group may have up to 10 people (including supervisors) and will stay in Germany for two weeks. We will help you with the application form and serve as mediator between the tandems and Bread for the World.


The registration form for the International Schools Camp can be found in our downloads. Please send back the completed application form by 20 January 2017 either by mail, by e-mail or by fax. You will then receive a confirmation and all further information. If you have any further questions, write or call us - we will be glad to help you.