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World Reformation Exhibition

From 20 May to 10 September 2017 we will be in Wittenberg as a part of the World Reformation Exhibition. We are building a green Education Pavilion using lots of trees, hops and vines around the steel frame. Seven Gates of Freedom and associated topics displayed on the embankments around the Wittenberg Old Town will foster a lively international celebration. During the Reformation Summer 2017, churches from across the world, as well as international students, teachers and educational organizations, are invited to join in the festivities and present their current views on Reformation.

If your school has a Reformation tradition we invite you to support the Education Pavilion by adding your unique perspective as one school within a wonderfully diverse and vibrant Protestant community. Therefore, we would be pleased if you could send us your contributions, such as photos and videos from your schools. These will then be part of an interactive digital world map inviting visitors to the World Reformation Exhibition to discover schools from around the world. You will soon find some suggestions and further information on this website.

The Education Pavilion will be a real eye-catcher: In an open structure made of steel, wood, sails and living, climbing plants will be combined to a meeting place for people of all ages and ethnicities. The pavilion is heredivided into a stage section with seating and a combined café and exhibition area.